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Aluminium Office Partitioning 

Apex Aluminium specialises in manufacturing, supplying and installing office partitioning and room dividersWe remove any old frames and customise the dividers to our clients’ requirements. Aluminium partitioning is an alternative to those planning or upgrading a shared office space. Aluminium is durable, low maintenance, and flexible because of the variety of styles available. Aluminium partitioning is optional for both residential and commercial buildings.

By installing custom made aluminium room dividers, you will enhance your office space and increase your privacy. Whatever the style of your offices, we will ensure that the partitioning design blends in beautifully. When it comes to ensuring that your room dividers will look their best, for the longest possible time, look no further than Apex Aluminium. Our installation team is trained to deliver on any size of project. Our custom designed aluminium office partitioning will bring desired functionality and modern aesthetics to any office.

We manufacture our AAAMSA standard aluminium products using SABS approved materials. This ensures that our customers get quality guaranteed. Our aluminium room dividers meet all building regulations in terms of glazing and deflection. We offer free consultation to help you make a decision towards getting the best aluminum product and quality installation service that you deserve. Our aluminium partitioning, shopfronts, windows and doors are available in various colours such as white, black, bronze, natural grey, and charcoal. Some colours are available in matt and gloss finish.

    Patio Doors

    At Apex Aluminium we create a variety of aluminium doors to suit specific requirement. Our aluminium products range from standard patio doors to modern and aesthetically designed folding doors. Our team will guide you through the various available and best suited...

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    Folding Doors

    Apex Aluminium supplies the highest quality aluminium folding doors in Port Elizabeth. Our aluminium products can be custom-made to the clients unique requirements. Folding sliding doors are usually available in wood, vinyl or aluminium. Aluminium doors are installed...

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    Window Replacement

    Apex Aluminium specialises in window replacement from wooden or steel frames, to aluminium. Our skilled installation team will replace any old windows with only the best quality aluminum products. Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to begin your window...

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    Other Aluminium Services:

    Aluminium Installation – After more than 20 years of providing customers with quality architectural aluminium products, we have the experience and expertise to provide quality aluminium installation services, adding style and lasting value to your premises.

    Types of Aluminium Windows – Aluminium windows offer strength maximising on your safety and security, they are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and other weather induced effects. 

    Custom made Aluminium Door – By installing custom made aluminium doors, you will enhance your premises and increase your comfort. Whatever the style of your premises, we will ensure that the door design blends in beautifully. 

    Aluminium Windows – Apex Aluminium is a leading manufacturer and installation specialist for high quality aluminium windows. We customise products to our clients’ requirements. 

    Aluminium Doors – Apex Aluminium is a Port Elizabeth-based company that specialises in the manufacturing, supplying and installation of sliding doors. We also remove the old wooden or steel frames, as well as professional plaster work where required. 

    Aluminium Shopfronts – We specialise in a wide variety of styles, both internal shopfronts and external shopfronts such as shopping centres, showrooms and banks. Aluminium and glass shopfronts are highly durable, weather proof and requires minimal maintenance. 

    Aluminium and Glass Partitioning – Aluminium and glass partitioning is a very popular choice for modern office spaces. It takes approximately 2 hours to install one partition in an office space.